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Tips for Winter Party Planning

The weather outside may be frightful, but winter parties and gatherings are always delightful! Although the chillier months may feel limiting when it comes to planning events, they can be home to some of the best parties of the year. After all, Christmas and New Year’s Eve happen in winter, along with countless other festivities. If the best celebrations all year round can happen in winter, your party can easily be just as exciting with the right preparations.

Nothing beats the winter doldrums like a little gathering! To get you in the winter party planning spirit, here are a few DOs and DON’Ts to help you think ahead and get inspired:

DON’T Have It Outside

Unless you want your guests to be icicles before the event is over, it’s best to plan your winter party in Kansas City indoors. The weather is unpredictable, and for that reason, it’s smart to be prepared with an indoor venue. Outdoor events are best for summer party planning, where you can embrace the hot weather with shady tents and waterslides.

There are exceptions to this rule, like a local tree lighting or football game afterparty on the field, but if you do have an outdoor winter event be sure to tell your guests to bundle up! Even then, we recommend an indoor/outdoor hybrid event, so your guests have someplace warm to retreat to, especially if the weather takes a nasty turn.

DO Have a Wintery Theme

The best way to make your winter party memorable is with a theme that really embraces the season! Here are a few winter theme ideas we think would be perfect for your upcoming party:

Glitter and Gold

New Year’s Eve isn’t the only party that can embrace the glitz and glam! No matter when your winter party takes place, this elegant theme is perfect for the ultimate decked-out halls. Serve champagne or other sparkling beverages with lovely bite-size hors d’oeuvres or a catered sit-down dinner a la Downton Abbey, and tell your guests the dress code is “Creative Black Tie!” It’s a fun chance to dress up! 


This can be interpreted in a couple of ways, and we love all of them. The first is literal: make your party ice or snow-themed, bringing the outdoors in without sacrificing warmth. It’s all down to the right decor to make this theme work, with fake snow and stylish, shiny decorations for family or kid parties or fancy ice sculptures for a more corporate event.

The second theme here is also pretty obvious: throw a Frozen party, as in the popular kids’ movie! This is especially perfect for any winter birthday party, and our Frozen Moonwalk is great for a centerpiece!

Indoor Playground

Speaking of moonwalks, these can set the stage for any indoor party theme you can imagine. In the winter, all kiddos miss the fun of the playground, so bring it indoors! Your party doesn’t have to be winter-focused, especially for a kids’ party! For example, our new Lego Combo moonwalk and slide would be great for a Lego-themed party. Kids can bounce and slide on the combo and then head over to the tables covered in Legos for some building when they tire out!

Cozy Movie Night

This theme is perfect for winter parties, big and small! Who doesn’t love bundling up in a pile of blankets for a movie night? If you’re planning a larger event, get a projector and popcorn machine for a DIY movie theater! Make sure you fill the space with lots of cozy places to sit, and soft blankets to keep your guests snuggly and warm, plus hot beverages like tea and hot cocoa.

To keep with the wintery theme, we recommend an on-brand movie! Here are some wintery options that aren’t holiday-specific:

  • Frozen (obviously)
  • Snow Day
  • The Chronicles of Narnia
  • Little Women
  • Eight Below

DON’T Procrastinate

Especially if you’re planning a winter party for after the holidays, you may not have given it much thought yet. Your mind is too full of visions of sugarplums to think about after the holidays, and we get it! But you really need to get on that winter party planning ASAP before your go-to vendors are all booked up and your invitees have other plans!

DO Research Vendors

Take the time to really research any vendors you need for your winter event. That includes the venue, entertainment, catering, decor, and event rentals! Read reviews and contact any vendors you may be interested in working with to ensure their availability for your party date. Then, once you’re confident in the right vendors for you, book them!

DO Have Fun!

Enjoy planning your winter event! You’re preparing for a celebration of some kind, and that process deserves to be fun too. This is where finding the right vendors becomes especially important: you need people who care just as much about making your party the event of the season as you do, and fun is what we’re all about at Fun Services Midwest! For all your party rental needs, we’ve got what you’re looking for. Contact us to get details for your winter party planning!