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The Best Affordable Christmas Gifts and How Moonwalk Rentals Play a Part

This time of year, parents scour stores online and in person looking for the perfect and affordable Christmas gifts for their little ones. But we want to take a new spin on Christmas shopping!

We believe the best Christmas gift is the gift of quality time and precious memories. When you give your child the gift of fun activities and time together, you’re creating a holiday experience that is personal, unique, clutter-free — and more meaningful than any toy could ever be!

Here are our favorite affordable Christmas gifts that will bring your family together for a magical and fun time!

A Moonwalk Rental

Sometimes, the best gifts don’t fit under a tree. Enter the moonwalk rental! Giving the gift of a moonwalk rental is such a fun gift you to give your kids heading into the New Year! Having a moonwalk arrive in their very own backyard — that they can choose to share with friends or enjoy all on their own! — is a pretty special experience!

With moonwalk rentals featuring all of their favorite characters and themes, from Frozen to Mickey Mouse to Batman, we have moonwalk rentals your children will love bouncing the day away with! Many families love to give kiddos a special experience for a holiday gift, and a moonwalk rental certainly fits the bill! If you want to save the experience for another day, contact us to purchase a gift certificate: the perfect unique stocking stuffer for your adventurous little ones! 

Activity Coupon Book

Handmade coupon books have become a popular trend in clutter-free gift-giving lately, and they are a fun way to give your child something physical to unwrap. You can find many free or inexpensive printable templates for coupon books online, or you can create your own from scratch. 

The idea behind this gift? When your child gives you a coupon, you must partake in the activity on the coupon (or make a plan to do so if it can’t happen immediately). Some coupon ideas include:

  • Movie night (kid’s pick!)
  • Play a board game together
  • Read a book
  • Go to the playground
  • Go out for ice cream
  • Five-minute spontaneous dance party
  • Play with play-doh
  • Bake cookies
  • Go on a fun adventure

Remember, the goal of these activities is quality time together, so you must participate!

Gift Certificate for a Favorite Activity

What’s more fun than candy in the stocking? A gift certificate to one of your child’s favorite places! Instead of buying tickets when it’s time to go on your family vacation (or staycation) this summer, giving this certificate is a promise to your child of excitement to come. If you’re local to Kansas City, here are a few places you might consider buying a gift certificate or tickets for:

Raising a little foodie? Get them a gift certificate to their favorite restaurant, or a fun local favorite!

Monthly “Date Nights”

As a variation of the coupon book, create a more scheduled gift of time with a whole year full of 12 (planned-ahead!) monthly “dates,” one-on-one with your child! This gift idea is great for all ages, as you can cater the date specifics to their age and interests. Plus, you can customize the monthly dates to your kiddo’s interest at the time.

One perk of this gift? You can spread out the spending, as you don’t have to put money down until you get to the envelope that involves a purchase (like buying dinner out or going to a local event). 

To wrap this gift, brainstorm 12 activities that you and your child can enjoy together, then stuff 12 envelopes with tickets, photos, brochures, or cards detailing what the date will be that month (don’t forget to label each envelope with the specific month, unless you want it to be random!).

The Gift of Knowledge

What do you know that your children don’t? Let’s be honest: Probably a lot! But we’re talking about specific teachable skills. Are you a musician? Fluent in a second language? An expert home chef? Create a handmade gift certificate that promises your child weekly lessons in your area of expertise, and wrap it with an item that they will need to complete the activity. For example, this could be a foreign language dictionary, a child-sized apron, or their own instrument. They might not even need anything specific to learn what you will teach them — in which case just the gift certificate will do!

The Ultimate Playdate

For little ones who love to be with their friends, gift the ultimate playdate! This playdate will go way beyond the basics. Curate the dream afternoon with a cool inflatable — like a combo or bounce house! Add to the fun with an inflatable obstacle course, and then top off the day with a pizza party. Now that’s an affordable gift that brings big memories! 

It’s About the Family, Not the Gift

Children love nothing more than spending time with their loved ones, and giving them gifts like activities and things that aren’t actually “things” is so much more meaningful than the latest gadget or trendy toy that will break in a month.

This holiday season, we’re inviting you to hop on the trend of gifting experiences that your family will never forget! And while you’re at it, why not make one of those experiences literally hopping with one of our moonwalk rentals? Contact us today to learn more about our fantastic rental availability for the New Year!