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Summer Backyard Parties Made Simple: Yard Games That Make for a Gathering to Remember

Did you know that around 75% of people want to be more active during the summer? From swimming to hiking to BBQs, there is never a shortage of outdoor activities to do. If you plan to host summer backyard parties or events, you’ll want to make it memorable. 

Outdoor yard games are an excellent option for restaurants, family resorts, or your own backyard. They’re a perfect way to provide entertainment for your guests while spending quality time together. Participants of all ages enjoy playing outdoor games. 

Not quite sure where to get started? This guide will discuss some of the best games and backyard party ideas for the summer. 

Baskee-Ball Game

Everybody loves playing skee ball when you’re at your neighborhood arcade. Bring the joy of the game to your backyard with our Baskee-Ball Game. It’s just like playing skee ball, only a whole lot bigger. 

Our giant skee ball game is inflatable and uses mini-basketballs. While it is bigger than your average-sized skee ball game, it can fit in most backyards. It’s also safe for even the littlest players to enjoy. 

Bubble Soccer

Bubble soccer is an exciting and crazy game that’s great for family reunions or birthday parties. Players are half-encased in an inflated bubble covering their head and upper body during bobble soccer. Bubble soccer is ideal for large, open spaces. 

The game follows the same rules and objectives as regular soccer, with the condition that every player needs to wear a bubble. Players have to work together to kick the soccer ball into their goal while bouncing off other players. 

Dunk Tank

Are you hosting a party on a hot summer day? Cool off your guests while providing laughs with a dunk tank. You can break down our dunk tank into several small pieces to fit it in the back of an SUV or truck. 

A dunk tank consists of a large container of water. A person sits on a seat suspended over the water. When a ball hits the target, the chair collapses, and the person falls into the water. 

Carnival Games

Hosting a backyard carnival is a great theme idea for a summer birthday or neighborhood block party. You can incorporate prizes into some of the games, making them more competitive. You can also give your guests a certain amount of tickets at the start of the party that they can use to play the games. 

Ball Bingo is a fun game that’s perfect for all ages. To play this game, players can throw up to 10 balls into a tub with 25 holes. Double bingo wins first place, and single bingo is second place. 

The Fun Wheel is a customizable party game. The wheel features a variety of numbers out of order. Depending upon your party, you can assign prizes, dares, or other activities based on what number your guests land on. 

You can’t go wrong with a Fishing Hole for a carnival party. Players will throw a fishing pole with a clothespin attached to the curtain. Someone else will be on the other side of the curtain, connecting prizes to the clothespin. 

Are you looking for a carnival game that’s a bit more interactive? Our Circus Time Crawl Through is a carnival-themed bounce house. It’s an excellent option for people that are under seven years old. 

Your party guests can slide and bounce around inside of the bounce house. They can even interact with a jumbo elephant and a lion holding a ring of fire inside of the inflatable carnival. 

Obstacle Courses 

Nothing takes a party to the next level like obstacle courses. Obstacle courses are good fun for party-goers of all ages. Inflatable obstacle courses are also a great team-building activity if hosting a corporate summer party. 

The High Voltage Obstacle Course features a lot of fun obstacles, such as:

  • Tunnels
  • Slides
  • Squeeze plays
  • Climbing walls

Players can either try to set their personal best time or race against one another. 

Want to take a walk on the wild side? The Jurassic Survivor obstacle course is a 360° dinosaur world for you to journey through. The obstacle course culminates in a battle with a 20′ T-Rex. 

Race your friends in the Xtreme Obstacle Course. You’ll slide, climb, and squeeze your way through the course until the ultimate player reigns supreme. 

The Treasure Island Obstacle Course is a wonderful option for a pirate-themed party. The obstacle course features a ship, dolphins, and palm trees. 

Water Attractions

Cool down on a hot summer day with one of our water attractions. What’s great about our water slides is you don’t have to add water to have a good time on them if you don’t want to get wet. 

Our Lil’ Kahuna Water Slide has a convenient ladder on the left hand side. Your guests can climb up the ladder and imagine they’re on a Hawaiian beach as they slide down. 

Who doesn’t want to run through a massive foam mountain? Our Foam Dance Party Pit fills up with foam in just a few minutes. You and your guests can spend hours dancing in the middle of the arena. 

A great feature about our foam party pit is that our natural foam mix doesn’t leave any soap residue since you mix it with water. Your guests’ eyes and skin won’t get irritated as they dance the party away. 

Elevate Your Summer With Fun Yard Games 

You don’t have to entertain your guests with the same backyard games that you usually do. Host a themed party with epic games and have a summer to remember with Fun Services Midwest. 

Are you ready for the most epic summer ever? Reach out to us today to learn more about our fun yard games.