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How Santa’s Secret Shop is Taking Over Kansas City One Secret at a Time

Girl With Beautifully Wrapped Christmas Present - Fun Services Midwest

Secrets rarely result in a positive outcome, but we have an exception! Santa’s Secret Shop®  is gift-giving, a program that’s been around for over 50 years. Set up through school programming, schoolchildren get an opportunity to visit a kid-customized, cost-friendly gift store that allows children the rare opportunity to buy gifts for their families as a surprise. As well as bringing holiday cheer, allowing children to flip the stories on gift-giving, and bringing holiday memories for all the family, Santa’s Secret Shop also enables children to understand money, budgeting, giving, independence, and decision-making.


But how does it work? What can you expect from the program? And how can your child, students, or community get involved? We have all the information you need to bring the magic of Santa’s Secret Shop to you. 

What Is Santa’s Secret Shop?


Santa’s Secret Shop® is a holiday gift shop that allows children to buy presents for their family and friends. Working through schools, Santa’s Secret Shop or the alternate Holiday Gift Shop® are set up around the holidays. Each option provides the same services, except Santa’s Secret Shop is geared around a Christmas theme. The Holiday Gift Shop is a universal, themed program suited to various holidays or backgrounds; the gifts available for purchase also reflect each theme. For Holiday Gift Shop® and Santa’s Secret Shop®, children come in small groups to a store set up at their school or institution and make purchases of kid-priced gift items for mom, dad, grandma, grandpa, brother, sister, etc. Your volunteers run the program at the school.

How Does Santa’s Secret Shop Work?


If you choose to opt into our magical Santa’s Secret Shop® or Holiday Gift Shop®, Fun Services Midwest provides your school with everything you need to run your shop efficiently and successfully. This includes free supplies, a step-by-step guide on how to run the shop, and all the gifts provided for your store. What makes our shop unique is our target audience. For possibly the first time, children can shop from a kid-priced, exclusive gift line, including many imprinted Mom, Dad, Grandma, Grandpa, Aunt, Uncle, Brother, and Sister merchandise, as well as licensed sports gifts, all delivered free, directly to your school. The store is set up for free, and you only pay for the gifts you sell. Allow our experience, superior product line, technology, excellence in customer service, and dedication to bring the best holiday shop to your school. Best of all, it is fun for the children and gives them the independence to purchase gifts on their own. Parent volunteers enjoy assisting as the children shop for loved ones. As a special extra, our collaboration with Toys for Tots® allows children to experience the joy of giving to those in need while purchasing gifts for their own loved ones!


In terms of sales and transactions, Fun Services streamlines this process too. Our system makes it easy for our volunteers and shoppers to handle as we supply the devices. Our all-in-one FunTab® handheld device with Cash Register Application allows you to scan items, print a receipt, and tally each sale, making holiday shopping simple and successful, with no need to count any incoming or outgoing inventory. 


What are the Benefits of Signing Up for Santa’s Secret Shop/Holiday Gift Shop?


Making holiday memories and creating unique learning experiences for kids is a plus, right? But that is not all that Santa’s Secret Shop and Holiday Gift Shop provide. At Fun Services Midwest, we thrive on bringing fun, memories, and cheer that is always wrapped up in high-quality and fantastic services, so the benefits of our secret gift shop also include:

  • Guaranteed Next Day Reorders For Most Areas
  • Shops Designed To Be Run Easily By Volunteers
  • High Quality, Unique Gifts – Not Dollar Store Items (Give us a Call For A Sample Box!)
  • Value-Priced Gifts For A Child’s Budget
  • No Risk Consignment Program
  • Free Shipping, Even For Reorders and Rainchecks
  • Free Supplies
  • 10% Back Signup Bonus + Other Incentives (if you sign up early in the year)
  • Free Use Of FunTab® Handheld Scanning Devices with Cash Register App
  • Licensed Local Sports Items
  • 100% NO HASSLE MERCHANDISE GUARANTEE – We stand behind every item we sell and carefully box the gift items to minimize the chance of breakage. If you ever have a damaged product, we send a replacement at no cost to you or the recipient!

How Can I Get Involved?

To get involved in this fantastic program, choose between Santa’s Secret Shop or Holiday Gift Shop and sign up here. The store runs at your school, community, or institution on the first, second, or third week of December, so pick one that works best for you. After that, you follow the steps to set your program up, including choosing English or bilingual parent letters, an inventory program, your mark-ups, and any other add-ons you select. After you’ve filled out the form, we will be in contact if needed, and you can look forward to a Christmas or holiday activity that is so wonderful it might even turn into a tradition. Call us with any questions, and happy holiday season from Fun Services Midwest!