After graduating from High School in Brainerd, KS, Mike moved to Honolulu, HI with his parents and went to Columbia School of Broadcasting, where he received his Associates in Broadcasting and Music Education. After playing drums with different bands in Seattle, and moving to Atlanta, he started doing DJ work for a friend of his. He had finally found his calling. Being a DJ came naturally for Mike, and he’s been doing it for 20 years now. Mike started out doing the Club Scene for 13 years. Wichita KS, Seattle WA, Atlanta GA were cities he did the majority of his Club DJing.

Married in 2002, that’s when he took his DJ Career to the “Family Entertainment Era”. Since then, he’s done. Weddings, Pool Parties, Bar Mitzvahs, Holiday Parties, Sweet 16 Parties. You name it, he’s done it. And, now, Mike Watkins has made his home back in Kansas and is ready to bring his experience to your party!

The first thing that I noticed about Dennis and Mike is that there are very organized and professional. Dennis met with a few of our students beforehand to get to know them a bit and to find out what the students expected from them as DJs. The students seemed very excited to hear about their experiences and the ideas they would bring to their Prom. Another aspect that I was impressed with is that they had games and dances pre-planned to get the students involved. They played different games with them such as limbo and musical chairs. Dennis was very involved with the crowd while Mike kept the music going. Several times both Dennis and Mike went into the crowd and shared dance moves with the students and encouraged them to try the dance moves themselves. I must say that in the many dances that the school has held, there have never been this many students on the dance floor!

Jacque Burris (Bluestem High School in Leon, Kansas)

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Space Required: 8’x12′
People Per Hour: Unlimited
Power Required: 110 outlet – 20amps