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Casino Parties

Blackjack, Craps, Poker, Texas Hold ’em, Roulette, Moneywheel, Slot Machines, Let it Ride, War, Cards, Chips, Dealers, Cash Cubes! Let Fun Services provide all of your “Casino Night” event needs.

Prices range from $75 to $250 for a single rental. PACKAGES AVAILABLE. Please call for details or a price sheet of all of our rentals and services.

  • Comes with Tumbler, all wooden balls, master card, and 200 player cards. No markers needed! these cards are reusable slider cards.
  • Professional style padded table with casino quality felt. Comes complete with chips, cards, and a dealer shoe. Chairs NOT included.   Space Required: 8' x 6' People Per Hour: N/A Power Required: none
  • Our team of professional dealers are available to help with your party whether you use our tables or yours (but we'd like it if you used ours). They come in professional attire (black pants, white shirts, and casino vests) and know how to have fun with your guests. Don't know how to play a game? Don't worry... just ask - we'll teach you. If you need game instructions emailed to you, just ask. Want to know how we opreate our parties? Just click on the link below and download our "Casino Tips and Suggestions" PDF. You'll be a casino party veteran in no time. Download Info Space Required: N/A People Per Hour: N/A Power Required: none
  • Craps is one of the loudest games in a casino. Why? Because it's so easy for the crowd to get excited with it. Win big with this table at your next event.
    Download Info Space Required: 12'x8' People Per Hour: varies Power Required: none
  • This new casino party addition was created to add a simple to play game that is fun to watch. The ticking wheel will definitely add a real casino feel to your event. And, with up to 8 players, this rental for only $100 is a great value! Download Info Space Required: 6'x8' People Per Hour: 8 at a time Power Required: None
  • Every good Casino Party ends with prizes being given away, whether it is cans of SPAM and packs of Ramen Noodles, or Big TVs and Gift Certificates. A raffle drum is the easiest way to do it. ask us for more details. Comes in two sizes, small and large! Space Required: N/A People Per Hour: N/A Power Required: none
  • Red or Black? Odd or Even? So many choices. This classic Vegas Game can now be brought to your party with all the accessries needed to play.
    Download Info Space Required: 12'x6' People Per Hour: N/A Power Required: none
  • No casino game has gained more popularity over the last ten years than Texas Hold 'Em. Now your guests can feel like the high rollers in the World Series of Poker as they play it at your party. Chairs NOT included. Download Info Space Required: 12'x6' People Per Hour: N/A Power Required: none
  • These push button, professional quality slot machines will add fun to any casino party. They also make the ambiance of the event feel much more like Vegas. They light up, flash, and have great sound effects to will make your crowd line up to play.
  • We offer both normal height (to sit at) and these great tables. You can either have guests stand at these cocktail height tables or pull up some stools, for that classic Vegas lounge look.
  • You're trying to make the best 5 card poker hand. You place three equal bets, and everyone is dealt three cards. If you don't like your cards (if you don't have at least a pair), you can "pull back" one of your bets. Now, the dealer flips over a 4th card that everyone shares. If you don't like your four-card hand (you don't have a paying hand, basically), you can "pull back" the second bet. The dealer flips over the 5th card, and everyone shows their hand. If you have a paying hand (there's a list of paying hands at the table), you win. If not, the dealer takes your third bet.

    Easier to play than to explain. Trust us... it's FUN!

  • This 12 foot craps table allows more players to get around the table and have a great time. Craps tables are always the center of fun at a casino party... and always gets the crowd cheering! Craps_Mahogany
  • Chairs NOT included with table rental.
  • This beautiful recently redone table is perfect for your next casino party. There is lots of room for all the high stakes gamblers at this table! New felt, chip rails and a drink rail all the way around the table. Come on 7!!

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