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Why do we call them Unique? Well, you have probably never seen items like this and we are the only company in the region that carries a full line like this. We are always adding fun, new things to this section. So, look at everything and see if you can find something unique enough for your event!

Please call for details or a price sheet of all of our rentals and services.

  • Space Required: 5'x7'x10' People Per Hour: 35 Power Required: 110 volts-20 amps
  • Available for pick-up! Like a regular dunk tank, but this ones comes in pieces so that it can fit easily into the back of a truck, van, or SUV. Sets up in 15 minutes! Download Info Space Required: 20'x20'x10' People Per Hour: 125 Power Required: (water required)
  • Hit the target and watch them go! Space Required: 25'x10'x10' People Per Hour: 125 Power Required: (water required)
  • Power Required: 110 volt - 20 amps
  • Test your strength on this carnival classic!
    Space Required: 5'x10'x14' People Per Hour: 115
  • Now the little ones can feel like the grown-ups. This mini version of the large Hi-Striker is perfect for a carnival midway or as an extra attraction for the little ones in your group. It comes complete with child sized mallet. Space Required: 5'x5'x6' People Per Hour: 115
  • Off with your head! Space Required: 20'x20' People Per Hour: 45
  • Want a fun attraction that doesn’t require too much effort from your guests? Well, this is it. Our easy to use photobooth set-up is quick, fun, and requires very little room to use. We can set up virtually anywhere and print 4”x6” pictures for each member in the photo to take home with them. If you want your guests to have a great time and be able to remember that great time years and years from now, then you have to rent one of our photobooths at your next party. SAY CHEESE! The Fastest Photo Booth in the World comes with all these exciting features: 1) PRICE - $800 for 4 hours (other companies charge much more!) 2) CUSTOMIZABLE - We can put your logo or guest logo on any picture. This can be used for personalized souvenirs for corporate events, weddings, or trade shows. You can also let a sponsor put their info on the print as a form of take-home advertising. 3) BOX OF PROPS - We include fun props like silly hats and feather boas to make the pictures even more fun and unique! 4) QUALITY & SPEED - Our Dye Sublimation Printer is the same quality you get from a photo store and is guaranteed not to fade... and prints every 7.5 seconds! 5) COLOR PRINTS - Yes, you can do black and white if you want... but we charge no more for color prints. Why have memories in gray when you can have them in color? 6) LOTS OF OPTIONS - Design and produce ANY PRODUCT within the 4×6 print area (double strips, postcards, 1 to 8 pictures, backgrounds, graphics, rotated/scaled, the only limit is your imagination!) Download Info Space Required: 6'x10' People Per Hour: 60 prints per hour (multiple people) Power Required: 110 volts-20 amps
  • Sumo Suits have always been popular rental items. Well, our new versions are even better than before with the addition of an inflatable ring. It looks bigger and more impressive and adds another layer of safety for your guests Space Required: 25' x 25' People Per Hour: 60 Power Required: 110 volts-20 amps
  • Space Required: 13' x 11'
  • The FUN starts when particpants are asked to put their hands into warm wax until a mold is formed, removed and colored in various color combinations. Can be done in school colors as well as other colorful patterns. Give your event a long lasting memory! Space Required: 10' x 10' People Per Hour: 30 to 40 people Power Required: 110 volts - 20 amps

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