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Obstacle Courses

Obstacles course are always sure to please any size crowd. They are a great investment because they look amazing, are great for all ages, and you can get two people through them every 15-30 seconds… making it the best attraction for large crowds.

Prices range from $395 to $725 for a single rental. Please call for details or a price sheet of all of our rentals and services.

  • Race your opponent to the finish! Enter and Exit from the front. That makes this unit easier to supervise and safe to put on the edge of an event site!
    Space Required: 40x30x17 People Per Hour: 200 Power Required: 110 volts-20 amps (x3)
  • Designed to give the most that slides and obstacles can provide in the least amount of space, the All-in-One Obstacle Course is sure to delight! Great visibility for the operator and parents, and loads of fun for the kids! Set up this unit with the color-matching Wacky World for a wild pair of inflatables sure to keep kids entertained for hours! CLICK HERE to see a video of a child going through this unit!!! Space Required: 20'x25'x16' People Per Hour: 240+ Power Required: 110 volts-20 amps
  • Get ready for the ultimate challenge of basic training in our new BOOT CAMP BLITZ! Challenge your opponent through climbing, sliding, jumping through fiery hoops, squeeze your way through pillars, cross the pit, then get ready to grab the rope and swing on the industry's only fully inflatable rope swing (very unique), then crawl up the mountain and slide to the finish. Our largest, most creative, and most innovative obstacle course yet... and at 91 feet long, a definite show stopper! (Rope swing does not require a blower) Download Info Space Required: 11'x91'x20' People Per Hour: 240+ Power Required: 3 - 110volt, 20 amp circuits
  • Two opponents compete by racing through 85' of obstacle walls, squeeze plays, tunnel crawls and more. Concluding the obstacle is a wall climb followed by a giant slide and a run through the legs of the IRONMAN. Download Info
    Space Required: 25' x 35' x 20' People Per Hour: 240+ Power Required: 3 - 110volt, 20 amp circuits
  • This newer version of our classic slide obstacles comes with great improvements. Still just as long and just as fun, this unit is much more colorful and has more built in safety features, like side nets and an inflatable middle wall to prevent lane crossing and rough housing from participants or observers. Download Info
    Space Required: 17'x14'x60' People Per Hour: 240+ Power Required: (2) 110 volts-20 amps
  • Feel like you’re going nowhere fast? Then this is the ride for you! Rat Race™ is still the hottest obstacle challenge in the industry. With its figure-eight track, it’s an alternative to conventional and 180-degree units. It's bright, colorful, unique, and load of FUN... sure to grab attention at your event. Download Info
    Space Required: 30'x58'x24' People Per Hour: 240+ Power Required: (4) 110 volts-20 amps
  • Work your way to the slide at the end! Space Required: 20'x55'x16' People Per Hour: 200 Power Required: 110 volts-20 amps
  • Never before has this region had an obstacle course like this! Three lanes mean more fun as up to 3 participants race through the inflatable gauntlet of hills, poles, obstacles, and a slide at the end. It's fun to watch and fun to do and will make an awesome addition to your event! Space Required: 62'x15'x15' People Per Hour: 360+ Power Required: 20amp, 100 volts (3 circuits)
  • This wacky-colored Jr. Obstacle is an obstacle perfectly designed for little challengers! Mega  Jr. Obstacle topMega  Jr. Obstacle 02 web Height 14'6 Width 10'6" Length 38' Slide Landing Height 9' Occupancy 4 Mega Jr. Obstacle sides web
  • Already soldier, your mission, should you choose to accept it... is to have fun! Our amazing new obstacle looks incredible at any event and allows children and adults (up to 250lbs.) to take part in the mission of racing their opponent.
    Height 16'
    Width 24'
    Length 32'
    Slide Landing Height 9'
    Occupancy 4
    Special OPS 01 web Special OPS 02 web Special OPS 03 web Special OPS sides
  • Find the treasure at your next event with this fantastic ocean tropical obstacle course.
  • Here is a fantastic obstacle course! The latest addition to our huge inventory will challenge kids and teens alike in this themed obstacle. With its switch and pass thru lanes under the volcano, hurry as you slide down and past T-Rex!
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