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  • Inflatable slides are a classic and the 18' version is the smallest we have. Even this small giant will amaze your guests as kids spend hours going up and down this wonderful attraction. Don't miss out on having this affordable rental at your party!
    Height 18'
    Width 47'
    Length 27'6"
    Slide Landing Height 10'
      18ft Slide web 02
  • Moonwalk, pop-ups, basketball, a game and a slide all in one! Does it get any better than this?  Add a themed banner at no extra charge to make this fit your party! Space Required: 25' x 25' x 15' People Per Hour: 90 - 100 Power Required: 110 volts / 20 amps
  • Designed to give the most that slides and obstacles can provide in the least amount of space, the All-in-One Obstacle Course is sure to delight! Great visibility for the operator and parents, and loads of fun for the kids! Set up this unit with the color-matching Wacky World for a wild pair of inflatables sure to keep kids entertained for hours! CLICK HERE to see a video of a child going through this unit!!! Space Required: 20'x25'x16' People Per Hour: 240+ Power Required: 110 volts-20 amps
  • Space Required: 20' x 20' People Per Hour: 90-100 Power Required: 120v 15 amps
  • Space Required: 20’x20’x15′ People Per Hour: 90-100 Power Required: 110 volts-15-20 amps
  • Everyone loves to play with dogs, and Beagle Belly Bouncer is no exception – this adorable beagle wants to play with you! Kids just love bouncing on the belly of this playful puppy bouncer. This moonwalk features child-proof wall netting that won't catch small fingers, yet remains transparent enough to allow for easy supervision. Includes an inflatable ramp and business card holder. WATCH A VIDEO OF THIS UNIT HERE! Download Info Space Required: 16'x25'x14' People Per Hour: 120+ Power Required: 110 volts-20 amps
  • On your mark, get set, go!  Great for all ages - this obstacle will have your guests popping through entrance holes, navigating horizontal and vertical pop ups, climbing, and dashing through tunnels.  The open design makes it easy to see in and out. Space Required: 28’x9’x11’H People Per Hour: 240+ Power Required: (1) 110 volts-20 amps
  • The 15' Single Lane Wet or Dry Slide is one of our most in demand slides. This 15 foot unit can be used as a water slide for hours of cool fun on a hot day or turn off the water and it works perfectly as a dry slide.  Our wet and dry slides have an inflated landing zone for safe use. This water slide has triple thread seams with an additional glue seam for an optimal seal to eliminate water from seeping inside. The climbing area, top launch platform, and entrance area feature a non-slip grip material for a safer experience and peace of mind when used as a water slide. Our wet and dry slides feature a built in misting system, just set it and forget it! The splash zone has built in drains on both sides to keep the water level ideal for all ages. Space Required: 25' x 12' x 15 People Per Hour: 180 Power Required: 110 volts-20 amps Hose not included.
  • Space Required: 20’x20’x15′ People Per Hour: 90-100 Power Required: 110 volts-15-20 amps
  • Have a great time in this extra large bounce house! One of our biggest! Brand new for 2015, reserve it today for your next party.
  • *colors may vary Space Required: 23'x11'x15' People Per Hour: 200 Power Required: 110 volts-20 amps
  • Space Required: 20'x20'x15' People Per Hour: 90-100 Power Required: 110 volts-15-20 amps

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