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  • It's easy to think you're bouncing along the ocean floor with this sea-themed inflatable! Amazingly detailed and brightly-colored digital artwork will take a child half-way, and his imagination will take him the rest! Space Required: 15'x16'x15' People Per Hour: 240+ Power Required: 110 volts-20 amps
  • Get wacky in this shack! Space Required: 25'x20'x15' People Per Hour: 90-100 Power Required: 15 AMPS
  • This animal-themed playland is perfect for the littlest of patrons and easily fits into a corner. This inflatable features dazzling digital print both inside and out, kid-friendly obstacles, plenty of bouncing area, and 3-D animal pop-ups. This unit has room for 8 kids and only takes up a small footprint. Space Required: 19' x 19' x 10'H People Per Hour: 90-100 Power Required: 110 outlet – 20amps
  • The licensed Winnie the Pooh medium jump will have residents of Pooh Corner jumping all day long. Adorable Pooh and friends will attract adults and children alike, as Piglet demonstrates how to properly bounce while Pooh, Tigger, Eeyore, and Rabbit help keep him going. Kanga, Roo and Owl can be found as well, and a pair of "hunny" pots above is sure to please everyone in the 100-acre wood! Space Required: 15'x14'x13' People Per Hour: 120+ Power Required: 110 volts-20 amps

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