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Our Year-End Review and More Fun to Come in 2023!

Saddle Up

What an exciting year we have had here at Fun Services Midwest! Business was back in full swing following the pandemic, and we enjoyed serving many beloved customers returning. It was great to see many familiar faces again this year as well as the new friends we made along the way!

Before we dive into the exciting things to come for 2023, we’d like to take a trip down memory lane and share some of our favorite moments from this past year.

Our Newest Wild Ride

One exciting addition to our vast array of attractions was Saddle Up, which really put the fun into full swing (pun intended)! This wild carnival ride is perfect for any midwest theme and great for all ages to enjoy. We can’t wait to bring it to fairs and events all around Kansas and Missouri next year, and hope you’ll have the opportunity to give it a ride. Yee haw!

A Small but Mighty Team

We had a small but strong team this year, and all of our employees are rock stars! Our success this year was truly a team effort and everyone really came together to make thousands of customer events go off without a hitch. We were proud to have booked a record number of attendants this year to help staff all the events. The Midwest sure knows how to have fun!

Speaking of attracting employees, we are thrilled to be welcoming a new sales representative to the team in January! Deb McQueen has already been working with many of our customers over the years drawing caricatures (maybe she’s even drawn you!), so she will fit right in with the Fun Services family and be a great addition to the team.

Most Rented Attractions

Now it’s time to round up our most popular attractions of 2022! All of our attractions, from moonwalks to inflatable waterslides, made the rounds this year. But two in particular stood out as favorites: the Mechanical Bull and the Quad Jump!

The Mechanical Bull

Have you ever taken on the challenge of riding the Mechanical Bull? This ride was so popular in 2022 that you may have seen it at an event you attended! Keeping the crowd entertained comes easy for this wild and hilarious ride, which is powered up to buck off up to 40 people every hour. The real challenge is staying on for eight seconds!

The Quad Jump

Looking for the perfect crowd-pleaser for your next event? Kids, teens, and adults alike go crazy for the Quad Jump! We’re not surprised in the least that this bungee ride made the list for most rented in 2022. Do you remember waiting for hours in line at your local fair to ride one of these as a child? Then you’ll be pleased to know your own kiddos won’t have to wait as long to bounce and flip on the Quad. With four bungee-and-trampoline slots, there’s space for everyone to get a turn launching into the stratosphere!

More Fun for 2023: New Attractions to Look Forward To!

We’ve had a blast at all of your fun-filled events this year, and cannot wait to see what 2023 has to bring for our amazing community! As you begin planning for after-prom, graduation, and the many spring and summer celebrations to come, here’s a sneak preview of all the new attractions we’re adding to the roster for the new year:

Inflatable Water Slides

To make your summer celebration the best yet, book one of our new inflatable water slides and let the fun times slide:

  • Surf N Slide: An inflatable take on the popular slip n’ slides of the 1990s. Just run, jump, and see how far you can glide!
  • Slippity Slide: A classic wet/dry slide with a six-inch deep splash zone for a soaking finish!
  • Dual Wave Waterslide: Two is better than one! Race your friends down this waterslide, or detach the pool and use it dry.

Moonwalks and Dry Slides

Looking for the perfect bounce house or dry slide for a fall or winter birthday party? Check out our latest attractions:

  • High Voltage Dual Slide: This dual slide brings a whole new meaning to “electric slide!”
  • Lego Combo: When you can’t decide what to get, opt for this combo with a roomy jumping area, basketball hoop, and slide!
  • Disney Princess Castle: What little girl wouldn’t want a princess-themed moonwalk for their birthday party? It’s sure to be a hit with all her guests!
  • Unicorn Combo: This combo has it all — moonwalk, climbing obstacle, basketball hoop, slide, and even an Entanglement game mat on the bouncer surface!

Obstacle Courses

When planning events for varying ages, it’s important to have inflatables that will appeal to older kids and teens as well. We’re bringing you two brand new obstacle courses to tackle this year:

  • X Factor Obstacle: This course has two sides so you can race your opponent to the finish down the slide. With the entrance and exit both on the front, it’s easy to supervise and keep everyone safe!
  • Rescue Squad: This police, fire, and emergency service worker-themed attraction is a fantastic centerpiece for an event with lots of fun obstacles to climb on!

Carnival Games

When you’re throwing a graduation party or indoor carnival event, you need some fun games to engage your guests! We’ve added three more carnival games to the mix that are perfect for events of all sizes:

  • Fish in a Bowl: Try to bounce a small ball into the fish bowl to win a prize!
  • Bumper 2 Bumper: The goal of this game is to land the nose of your car in the red zone. Watch out for the bumpers!
  • Ring a Bottle: A classic ring toss game with multiple ways to play. Have players try to ring a specific color or just make every bottle a winner!

Where Will You Be in 2023?

What are your plans for the new year? Whether you’re preparing to host a big celebration in our community or packing out your calendar with the best events to attend, we hope you join us for all the fun we can’t wait to have in Kansas and Missouri this year! We’re now taking reservations for 2023 events, and look forward to helping you find the perfect fit for a memorable time! Reach out today.