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How Fun Services Can Make Your Next School Event FUN!

kids in field playing bubble soccer | Fun Services Midwest

Lately, we’ve been getting tons of calls for springtime school events! After-Prom celebrations, Graduation parties, school carnivals, field days and more: If your school is planning an exciting event, we’re ready to bring the fun!

Here’s how Fun Services Midwest is helping schools in Kansas City and St. Louis to plan exciting school event activities in 2023 . . . and how we can add the FUN to your school events too!


Obstacle Courses for a Friendly Competition

Nothing beats a good obstacle course for a school event, though we prefer inflatable ones for reducing injuries! Our inflatable obstacle courses are great for students of all ages to race against each other and see who will slide into victory first. These inflatables are fun enough on their own, though you can add prizes to make it even more exciting.

Midwest schools are big fans of the Xtreme Obstacle Course and the High Voltage Obstacle Course, which have two lanes for students to race each other and end with a victory slide! Don’t worry if you’re not the winner, though. Every lane ends with a slide.


Life-size Arcade Games

Alright, 90s kids, this one is packed with nostalgia you can share with your students! Remember those goofy arcade games you loved? Well, we have them — but life-sized. Here are four arcade games that have been inflated to new levels of laughter and fun for your school event activities:

Human Whack-a-Mole

Here’s a carnival and arcade favorite brought to life: Whack-a-Mole! Instead of whacking electronic moles back into their holes, you’re whacking your friends with a soft and safe pool noodle! In this one-versus-five game, the solo player’s job is to bop the “moles” when they come out of their holes before they can steal the balls from the center. It’s hard to say who is having the most fun in this game — the whacker, the moles, or the spectators!

Wrecking Ball

This four player inflatable game is great for indoor or outdoor school events. Players stand on small platforms and try to knock the others off of theirs using the swinging wrecking ball. Last one standing wins, but everyone has fun! Just watch the video for this Wrecking Ball inflatable game to see what we’re talking about.

Baskee-Ball Game

Not all arcade games are created equal, and skee ball is definitely a top tier choice. Renting massive, heavy arcade games like skee ball is probably not realistic for your school event activities, but we have an inflatable version that’s even bigger and better! Using mini basketballs to score points, Baskee-Ball is perfect for any school event.

Human Foosball

Yet again, we’re taking favorite tabletop arcade games, blowing them up, and putting the players in the game with Human Foosball. This five-on-five game is a fun twist on soccer for field day, restricting the players horizontally just like a real foosball table!


Bounce Houses with a Twist

What school event would be complete without an epic bounce house as a centerpiece? Although we have plenty of classic and themed moonwalks to choose from, your school event activities deserve a chance to really shine by going a step further than the basics. Here are a couple of inflatable favorites that do more than just bounce:

Disco Dome

What do you get when you combine a disco dance party with a rockin’ bounce house? The Disco Dome! This bouncy dome uses spinning lights and bubble walls to reflect a colorful light show, and with boppin’ music too. It’s no wonder local schools love booking this for their school event activities!

Lego Combo

Combos are a great way to add a little something extra to your classic moonwalk bounce house. The Lego Combo not only has a spacious jumping area, but it also has a basketball hoop and two exit slides for when you’re done bouncing! How’s that for a combo?


Crowd-pleasing School Event Activities

Many school event activities have limited capacity, especially when it comes to competitive games and inflatables. So the best activities are just as fun to watch as they are to play! Here are a couple hilarious options that are guaranteed to have the crowd belly-laughing as they watch:

Bubble Soccer

So it’s field day, and you want to have a soccer tournament for your school. But why stop there when you can put the players in inflatable bubbles and watch them bounce all over the place as they play? Bubble Soccer pits players against each other in a new way as they bounce and roll just as much as the actual soccer ball while trying to get it in the goal.

Sumo Suits with Inflatable Ring

What’s more entertaining than watching your principal donn a big sumo suit and face off against the P.E. teacher? Here at Fun Services, we have everything you need to make your school’s Sumo Wrestling dreams come true. The principal doesn’t have to participate, of course, but we’re willing to bet the students can convince the principal to play!


Ready for FUN?

We cannot wait to be a part of your school event experience this year and for many to come! Fun is what we’re all about (it’s in our name, after all), so if you want to throw the best school event yet with exciting activities your students and faculty alike will love, give us a call to find out what rentals are available for you!