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Here’s Something you Might not have Considered for Catering Food in Kansas City… 

Catering food during the summer might seem fun… until you get to the warm sandwiches, soggy salads, and dried-out meat. Yuck! So here’s a question: What could be better than Carnival Food on a summer’s day? 

Picture this – you’re walking through the Kansas City Zoo, a funfair, or an amusement park, when suddenly you smell something sweet and hear a family member say “Ok folks, who wants Cotton Candy?” Sounds perfect, right? Maybe you can’t buy happiness… but delicious carnival food on a day out in the sunshine feels pretty darn close.

 That’s why we love what we do at Fun Services Midwest, we believe we’re in the business of creating memories that last forever. If you’re catering a party this summer, or just want a little something special for your get-together, we have carnival style food concession rentals with something for everyone. What’s great about food concessions is that you don’t have to have a gigantic parade or funfair to rent a food concession stand. Popular with anything from kids birthday parties, themed dinner parties, PTA meetings, and BBQ cookouts, whether it’s a small get-together or a large festivity, we can’t wait to rent out tastiness to you this summer. 

If you’re searching for local food catering options this season, you can’t go wrong with a food concession stand, available to areas all across the Kansas City metro. Here’s some of the things that we offer at Fun Services Midwest.

Cotton Candy

Cotton Candy is our recommended true carnival classic! We have lots of flavors to choose from: grape, blue raspberry, pina colada, cherry, lime, strawberry, melon, sour apple, bubblegum, and the classic pink vanilla! When you rent our Cotton Candy concession, it comes with everything you need and makes your day full of great memories.

Sno-Cone / Shaved Ice Machine 

Cool down and say “ahhhh” with our Sno-Kone or Snowie Shaved Ice machines. Simple to set up and with dozens of different fruity flavors, our sno-cone or shaved ice machines are perfect to beat the heat for your outdoor event. This perfect dessert option for a sunny day is a rental favorite and luckily for you, we have special deals running for these concessions during the summer! Yum! 

Mini Donuts

Finally a mini donut that doesn’t require deep fat fryers! These State Fair mini donuts are a safe and simple way to serve hot and fresh mini donuts wherever you are. While hot oil frying can be an impractical choice with young children running around, we care about safety so our Mini Donuts are a family favorite and are purposefully oven-made to avoid unnecessary accidents. Order here – for ready-to-eat delicious donuts at your event (and with the oven included in your rental!)

Pretzel Machine 

Our Pretzel display cases are great for a fun food concession as they promise great-tasting classic, salty pretzels, and look cool at the same time. Add a Pretzel Case to your summer occasion and you can guarantee that your guests will be satisfied, not salty! 

Popcorn Machine

Great smell, great taste, and the perfect snack for all the family. Whether it’s in your backyard, in a park, or in an indoor event space, the homely smell of popcorn will draw in the crowd. Enjoy the buttery taste of our theater-quality popcorn when you add a Popcorn Machine to your summer catering plans. 

Hot Dog Warmer 

Make it a full meal with our Hot Dog Warmer, guaranteed to deliver hot dogs that taste great for the whole day. Easy to use and liked by all – a hot dog warmer is a great option for a catered summer event. Not only does a hot dog stand mean you can deliver a whole meal at your summer occasion, but it’s an easy food option for everyone to enjoy – even for the pickiest eaters!

Pucker Powder

Here’s a clever idea that can make your summer event go from something nice to something unique. Fun Services Midwest offers a make-you-own pixie stick machine, a guaranteed crowd-pleaser for your summer celebration. We provide 6 flavors of sour or sweet, powdered candy, and plastic tubes. The kids (or adults!) decide what colors they want, in what order, for a unique piece of art… that tastes great too! Additionally, each tube comes with a lid so you can take it home. Functioning as both a fun activity for the kids and a yummy food concession, talk to us about bringing our Pucker Powder stand to your event. Looking to plan a rainbow party, going-home-gift for a child’s birthday, or want a fun extra for your pool party that gets everyone excited? Try this colorful funfair feature at your event. 

If you’re searching for a local food catering option in Kansas City that’s fun, unique, and refreshingly affordable, you can’t go wrong with a food concession stand. 

We have deals running throughout the summer so if you’re thinking about fixing up your party or event with something a cut above the average, have a chat with us today so we can book your concession rental and make your event something special.