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Five Spring Party Ideas for Fresh Fun

Disney Princess Palace Moonwalk - Fun Services Midwest

Spring is here, and we’re ready to bounce into some warm weather fun! Although it may not be warm enough yet for water activities and pool parties, there is still lots of fun to be had on a sunny, mild spring day. And what better way to make these pre-summer months enjoyable than a totally unique and exciting party?

Planning a birthday party? A school event that needs the perfect theme? Or simply wanting to celebrate the coming of warmer days and blooming flowers? We have five spring party ideas you probably haven’t thought of yet to bring the fun to your next special event. These aren’t your average garden parties or egg hunts. We like to keep it original and give you ideas you probably haven’t thought of yet, so let’s get started!

Springing into Spring: Five Unique Spring Party Ideas

1. Leap into Spring

Some of the best party themes are a little punny, so you know we had to play off the double meaning of “spring.” For this wild and crazy birthday or kids’ spring party idea, fill a backyard or field with all the best inflatables so kids can really get a JUMP on springtime fun. All puns intended.

With more than 50 moonwalks to choose from, and styles to match any and every theme, you can go wild setting up a whole moonwalk city for your guests to explore. Make sure your venue has the power source to support them all, or rent plenty of generators from us along with your inflatables!

2. April Showers

Toward the end of spring, things tend to warm up a bit here in the Midwest. So why not embrace the higher temps with an April Showers party theme? This party is complete with lots of rainy day-themed decorations, then juxtapose it with a super fun water slide or two.

The rainbow Dual Surf N’ Slide matches perfectly with an April rain-and-shine theme, but if you’d rather choose an inflatable that can easily move indoors and water-free, go with one of our wet/dry slides like the Big Splash.

3. Princess Tea Party

Looking for a darling choice for a little girl? There’s nothing more memorable than a princess-themed tea party? Serve finger sandwiches and dainty treats and invite your young guests to dress up in their favorite princess costume or party dress.

And after the tea party is over, make sure your guests have comfy play clothes to change into and explore the Disney Princess Palace, Or just let them bounce around in their dresses, because that’s just as fun!

4. Saturday Night Disco Dance

Spring is the perfect time of year for outdoor events where you want it to be dark early, rather than long summer days that stay bright until late in the evening. Our Disco Dome is a super popular party centerpiece, and the flashing lights and bopping music are way more fun at night! Add some strings of twinkle lights around your venue and fill the rest of the space with fun party games for a night to remember.

5. Olympic Games

The Summer Olympics won’t happen again until next year, so why not throw your very own Spring Olympic Games? This is a great way to get your kids active and let them embrace their competitive side in a safe environment.

Create kid-friendly versions of classic Olympic games like archery, gymnastics, badminton, basketball, and more, or go completely off script and make the Spring Olympics completely original! Here are a few of our favorite inflatable games that make for great spring party centerpieces:

  • The Wrecking Ball is the ultimate balancing act as four players swing a massive ball at each other and battle it out to be the last one standing.
  • Human Whack a Mole brings to life the popular arcade game, but with real people instead of mechanical moles!
  • Xtreme Obstacle Course is a crowd favorite for one-on-one racing and a fast sliding finish.

Party Inflatables for Healthy Springtime Fun

Inflatables like the slides, moonwalks, and obstacle courses we shared with each party idea are about more than just fun for the kids (although that’s a pretty big deal for a kid-centric party). It’s also about making your parties healthy! It’s easy to focus your party on too much junk food and video games, but large-and-in-charge inflatables are immediate attention-grabbers for kids of all ages and naturally encourage them to move their bodies and get some exercise, all in the name of fun.

Now it’s time to start putting these spring party ideas into action! Set up all your rental needs with us at Fun Services Midwest and spring into spring with your best party-planning foot forward.