Work Holiday Party Ideas Your Employees Will Love: Casino Games and Crafts Galore

Ahhh fall time in America. Family, football, and all things pumpkin spice, of course. But don’t you know? The pumpkin spice activities started way back in August—it’s November! And that means the holiday season is in full swing. The only debate these days is when Christmas music is allowed. (At Fun Services Midwest, we prefer […]

Must-Have Portable Concessions for Your Fun Fall Activities

When September rolls around each year, America (for the most part) seizes every opportunity for fun fall activities. And why shouldn’t we? Fall is a sacred season—leaves changing, football starting, weather cooling, and pumpkin spice promoting. Before looking at a few fun fall activities below, we want you to consider the events that accompany the […]

How to Plan a Birthday to Remember with an Inflatable Obstacle Course

Whether you’re a student in kindergarten or a parent who is dropping their child off at school for the first time . . . the fall signifies a new year for all of us. Yes, there is always New Year’s itself signifying a new calendar year, but there’s something special about the fall—signifying the start […]

Create Fun Summer Activities with these Wild and Crazy Water Slide Rentals

There are two dreaded words every parent knows well. Every parent knows these words because either they, themselves, said them years ago—or their own children say them now. Each summer, millions of children and students waltz out of school doors with a wave of excitement. And each summer, it’s only a matter of time before […]

Back to School Party Ideas: Yard Games and More to Celebrate the Season

Tis the season to sweat! To live in Kansas City is to experience frigid winters and sweltering summers. Sure, we don’t have to suffer through a polar vortex or year-round 90-degree temperatures, but we do need to be alert for intense temperatures when they come our way. For the amount of sweating we all experienced […]

Recreate the Fair in YOUR Neighborhood with Portable Carnival Games

One of American society’s most iconic scenes takes place at the county fair. Walking down the street (made into a festival of sorts) with your friends and maybe even a special someone by your side. To your left, you’ve got everyone’s favorite classic bottle ring toss—right next to five pin bowling. To your right, you […]

Ideas for Kids Birthday Parties: Moonwalk Rentals for Your Backyard

Summer 2021 marks a significant reality: it’s time to get back to normal. Of course there are great societal factors at play—parents working more from home and students taking a needed breather after a year full of online classes. We know it’s time to get back to basics and enjoy time alongside friends and family. At […]

Unique Ideas for Summer Party Games

As crazy as March 2020 through May 2021 seemed, June 2021 has a slightly different feel, does it not? There is a lot to account for that reality: mask mandates are easing, summer is starting, school is out, restaurants and sporting events are opening up. And in general, our country is moving back to a […]