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Affordable Happy Hour Ideas That Get Your Team Moving and Communicating

Maybe you have heard the popular phrase “teamwork makes the dream work” at one point in time. This phrase has been used in several leadership arenas, and we think it’s for good reason. Creating a culture that is welcoming allows colleagues to feel belonging. Building upon this culture takes work and time, but it is not as intricate of a task as it may seem. Providing a foundation for teams to flourish is vital in making this belonging occur and it starts with simple gestures like ensuring your team’s voice is heard. When more than one individual comes together to achieve a common goal, more than one idea is contributed and in turn, there is more opportunity for effectiveness. But, first and foremost, trust has to be established. One way you can help nurture trust within a team is through an out-of-office activity like the often celebrated happy hour.

Happy hours can provide a platform for colleagues to share and connect in a way that is limited during office hours; allowing this provides an environment for others to achieve a work-life balance and truly understand and feel understood by teammates. Let us walk you through some of our most affordable happy hour ideas here at Fun Services Midwest that may positively impact the way your team communicates.

Get Better with Bingo

Bingo is a classic game that is easy to pick up. This allows for collaboration and side talk amongst your team. You may be skeptical since this is a game you typically play in kindergarten or a retirement home, but did you know that bingo improves your brain’s processing speed, alertness, and memory capabilities? That may be the reason why this game is popular amongst these particular age groups. Why stop the fun there though?

Your team (whether all the same age or a diverse group of ages) could benefit and grow in attentiveness from adopting bingo into their happy hour routine. With something like a reward as an incentive for participating, your team is bound to bond over some friendly competition. Our Bingo features a Tumbler, wooden balls, a master card, and 200 player cards. Play some music, have some chips, salsa, and queso. Get ready for your team to sit back, dive in, and enjoy one another’s company.

DIY Casino Party Planning

Want to throw a special party? A casino party would be the perfect excuse for your team to dress to the nines and have a grand time! We have put together a list of different party packages to make your planning hassle-free. Our Cocktail package is our smallest option serving 25-50 guests whereas our midsize option is the Queen package serving 75-100 guests. If you are interested in all we offer within our party packages, take a look at our Casino pricing sheet for more details. If you wanted to break the ice and make your team feel at home, you could quite literally host this happy hour party from the comfort of your own home. Make a signature drink menu. Your team could all sign up to bring an appetizer for even more comradery.

A Blast with Bubble Soccer

Have you ever seen a match of bubble soccer? It is quite amusing. For some, soccer may be the goal. But for others, pure laughter ensues from knocking your opponent down as if you are playing a game of bumper cars. The bubbles are worn to protect from injury and allow for running, kicking, bumping, jumping, rolling, and flipping.

Our set includes six bubbles, a soccer ball, and an arena. Play at a park nearby, enjoy the beautiful weather, and grill some hotdogs and burgers for your team. Or you can check out our concessions for some tasty offerings like nachos, hotdogs, pretzels, and more. Playing a game such as bubble soccer involves real teamwork as your team has to communicate their passes and warn against their opponent’s moves. All in all, your team will have something to talk about and really develop rapport as they reminisce on these experiences with each other in the workplace.

Happy Hour Plays a Pivotal Role Within Your Work Culture

Whether you are going for a traditional happy hour with your team or taking advantage of several of our happy hour ideas here, we hope you truly understand how important it is to provide this out-of-work environment for your employees. While it may not be everyone’s cup of tea, most have come to appreciate the time to connect and build relationships they could not otherwise develop. 

Connection allows for a sense of belonging and the workforce of today has “community” and “connection” as top priorities. Give them the fun they deserve—it’s the midwest way!