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A Holiday Gift Shop to Bless Those You Love

Gifts neatly organized for the holidays

With the holidays fast approaching, everyone is hard at work looking for the perfect holiday gifts to bless their loved ones. With our Holiday Gift Shop, students can now do all of their holiday shopping right at school to find meaningful gifts for everyone!

What is a Holiday Gift Shop?

Our Holiday Gift Shop (or “Santa’s Secret Shop”) is exactly what it sounds like: a unique gift shop that comes directly to your school, where children can browse personalized gift lines for family and friends and finish their festive shopping sooner rather than later. It’s like the book fair we all loved in our own elementary school days — but instead of books, it’s gifts for those you love!

Benefits of a Holiday Gift Shop

Gifting with Independence

Holiday Gift Shops are a beautiful way to give children autonomy over their gift-giving — and show them the joy of gifting something special to others! — this year. With the help of a school volunteer, the Holiday Gift Shop allows them to make their own choices about what they give and completely surprise their loved ones this holiday season. They even get to wrap the gifts themselves in self-sealing mylar gift bags, so the gifts come home fully wrapped and ready to go!

Safe Shopping

It’s difficult to let your child surprise you with a gift while keeping them safe online or in a busy shopping mall. With our Holiday Gift Shop, the shopping comes to your children in the safety of their own school! We can even offer a virtual holiday shop for schools that need an at-home option for their students.

Holiday Fun at School

A fun part of being in school around the holidays is all the festive activities that interrupt the schoolwork — ask any kiddo and we’re sure they’ll agree! That’s why having a Holiday Gift Shop at your school gives children another outlet for all that pre-holiday break energy buzzing through the halls. It helps contribute to the fun of the season!

No-Risk Gifts Guaranteed

Our Holiday Gift Shop is a no-risk program, meaning you only pay for what you sell. Any inventory that your students don’t purchase comes back to us at no cost to you, plus you can always re-order merchandise during your sale for those especially popular items! With Personal Coordinators available before, during, and after your sale, we’ll ensure you have everything you need to keep things running smoothly.

Parental Input

Even though parents aren’t there to oversee the shopping experience (because we want them to be surprised by their gifts too!), they still have complete control over how much money their child spends! Parents send their children to school with an envelope detailing how much their child can spend, making it easy for kids to shop our reasonably priced gifts within budget.

Holiday Gift Shop Ideas for Every Loved One

No matter who your students are shopping for, we have gifts they’ll love! Here are some gift ideas for each loved one, all available exclusively in our Holiday Gift Shop:

Gift Ideas for Mom

  • Jewelry in a lovely gift box, from personalized “mom” necklaces to matching pendant and earring sets
  • A handbag clip-on keychain to store earrings in when she needs to take them off, or as a cute coin purse
  • Crystal Mom Bear to decorate her desk

Gift Ideas for Dad

  • #1 Dad Flashlight in handy pocket-size
  • Dad Screwdriver Set to make putting batteries in toys on Christmas morning easier
  • Zipper Earbuds for listening to his music at the gym

Gift Ideas for Grandma

  • Cupcake Grandma Spatula for baking cookies together
  • Grandma Token to carry in her purse as a reminder of her favorite grandchild
  • Stud earrings in a long-stem rose jewelry box that she’ll adore

Gift Ideas for Grandpa

  • Grandpa Travel Tool for all those times he wishes he had just the right tool handy
  • Grandpa Shuttle Pen for writing letters to long-distance friends and family
  • A sign or ball for his favorite college or pro team

Gift Ideas for Other Relatives

  • Baby Rattle for a new baby cousin or sibling
  • Best Aunt Ever necklace for the cool favorite aunt
  • Uncle Mug for the uncle who really loves his coffee
  • Magnetic Carabiner Flashlight for the handyman relative

Gift Ideas for Siblings and Friends

  • UFO Hand Controlled Drone to play with together
  • Sloth or Unicorn Plush for younger siblings to snuggle
  • Cupcake Bath Fizzer for an older sister who loves pampering herself
  • Plush Snowballs to bring the winter fun indoors
  • Pull-back planes, which are just fun for anyone!

How the Holiday Gift Shop Works

Planning a Holiday Gift Shop for your school is easy! Choose the dates that work for your school, which inventory program you prefer, and what mark-ups you want to go with, and we’ll send you a Start Up kit with everything you need to start planning your shop: parent letters, money envelopes, posters, door and table covers, and a Step by Step promotional Guide. Fun Services drivers will hand deliver your merchandise to the classroom of your choice a day before your sale, and you’re open for business!

Ready to help make this holiday season extra special for the students and families in your community? Check out our Holiday Gift Shop today!