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A Big June Update: Wacky Wednesday in July for Your Inflatable Rental Needs!

This July, make your Wacky Wednesday a day to remember with an over-the-top inflatable rental from Fun Services Midwest! An unexpected inflatable will break up the routine and add a pop of fun to your camp, Vacation Bible School, or summer school day! 

We’ve created this Wacky Wednesday Inflatable Rental guide to help you upgrade your annual celebration of everything quirky and kooky this summer! We’re confident that we offer the wackiest and best inflatable rentals in Missouri, Kansas, and Oklahoma. 

The sooner you read on, the sooner you can get wacky! 

What Is Wacky Wednesday?

Wacky Wednesday is our current, and one of our favorite, summertime specials that you can take advantage of today! On events that fall on Wednesdays in July, excluding the 6th, we’re offering rentals 50% off. So, if you’re looking to plan an event for July 13th, 20th or 27th, this offer is for you.

How to Celebrate Wacky Wednesday

The best part about Wacky Wednesday is that there are no rules! Most programs begin by sending a notice home to parents and caregivers. Ask families to send their children in wacky, mismatched clothes, wild hairstyles, and more! 

After that, the rest of the day should involve a series of strange surprises! 

Keep your audience in mind when choosing how wacky to get. Younger children enjoy small but shocking changes within their typical structured routine. Older kids can handle bigger surprises, like rearranging the entire daily schedule! 

Whatever you do, make sure there is plenty of room for play and whimsy!

What Is an Inflatable Rental? 

You can’t go wrong when you include inflatable rentals in your Wacky Wednesday celebration this July!

When you rent an inflatable from Fun Services Midwest, our team will do all the work. We have a lot of experience helping organizations add a touch of fun to their celebrations!

First, reach out to arrange your rental. We can help match you with the inflatables that work for your space and needs. On the day of your event, our talented and dedicated staff members will arrive in one of our vehicles to set up and break down your inflatables. 

If necessary, we can even send a staff member to help supervise and maintain the equipment throughout your Wacky Wednesday festivities. For most rentals, this is not necessary. 

Your inflatables of choice will appear on the day of your event and then vanish when it’s over! You won’t need to lift a finger. It will feel like the real Wacky Wednesday when you realize how easily a fun inflatable can transform your day. 

Wacky Wednesday Inflatable Rental Tips 

Are you unsure which inflatables have the power to make an ordinary Wednesday into a wacky one? We’ve seen many creative celebrations, so we’re happy to provide suggestions.  

Bubble Cannons

A hot July day is the perfect time for outdoor water play! Make your Wacky Wednesday unique by renting one of our colorful, foam-spewing bubble cannons! The children will enjoy some good, clean fun while basking in the gorgeous July sunshine! 

Cow Belly Bouncer

Even if your day is super wacky, we can guarantee that the kids won’t be expecting a giant cow in your parking lot! Our Cow Belly Bouncer is a fun bounce house with a wild aesthetic. When else will your campers be able to say they spent the afternoon jumping in a cow’s tummy? 

Disco Dome

We’re sure that your campers and students won’t be expecting an outdoor dance party! Our disco dome is a high-energy way to bring a touch of the unexpected to your program. It has bright disco lights and surround-sound speakers to create a unique dance party experience! 

Inflatable Sumo Wrestling

Are you looking for an activity and photo opportunity that your families will never forget? Our inflatable sumo suits and sumo rings are just the thing! Children can cheer on their counselors as they go head to head in our ridiculous inflatable suits!

Wacky Shack

For a classic way to add some spice to the day, rent a Wacky Shack! The goings-on in this colorful bounce house will only be as wacky as you want them to be. Blast some tunes and give the kids a chance to bounce their cares away. 

Human Whack-A-Mole

This Wacky Wednesday, put the kids in charge of the staff and see what shenanigans ensue! Make this shift safe and memorable with our rentable Human Whack-A-Mole inflatable. Six players can enjoy this hands-on, interactive game. 

Make July Wacky With an Inflatable Rental

An inflatable rental will make your Wacky Wednesday event a day to remember! Whether you choose a traditional bounce house or something more unique, we’ll ensure it goes off without a hitch. The wackiest part will be how easy it is to get started!

Are you ready to plan your Wacky Wednesday? Reach out today to discuss your event. We can’t wait to bring our wackiest inflatables to your school, camp, or summer program!