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11 Fun & Exciting Corporate Team-Building Ideas to Strengthen Your Team!

Fun Team Building Activities

Team building is something that should be a constant focus of corporate leadership teams, whether you’re the principal of a local Kansas City school or a manager at a large corporation. This can happen through grand annual events and special appreciation moments for employees, but it also is in all the little details and ways you encourage your workers to look beyond the 9 to 5 and form the genuine friendships that are at the foundation of all great teams!

Ready to take your team to the next level of fun and connection? Here are 12 corporate team-building ideas to shake things up and get your office bonding:

Icebreaker Ideas for Team Building

Every corporate team-building event needs a good arsenal of icebreakers, as do all the otherwise mundane meetings you gather in each day. Here are a few of our favorites to get the party started:

1. Highs, Lows and Buffaloes

This classic icebreaker is perfect for smaller teams, especially if you want to encourage employees to get beyond the surface-level stuff. Use this icebreaker at your weekly meeting, inviting each person to share one highlight of their last week (that’s the high), one negative thing that happened (that’s the low), and one unexpected, funny, or surprising thing (that’s the buffalo!). 

2. Share Something Sweet Candy Icebreaker 

This one is a favorite for newer teams, where you need to build camaraderie quickly. Arrive with a bag of fun-size candy. Pass around the bag and ask each participant to choose between one and five pieces — but not to eat them yet! Then, explain what each candy type represents. For example, a chocolate bar could signify favorite hobbies, a peanut butter cup could mean favorite movie . . . the list goes on! Go around the room and have each participant share their answers.

3. Daily Question

Another way to break the ice before diving into the nitty gritty of your meeting is by having everyone answer a single unique question! If you’re really short on time, use a question generator and then choose a team member at random to answer it as creatively as possible. You can also tie the question to your meeting’s agenda; for example, if it’s a budget and finance meeting, ask people to share what they would buy with an unexpected $1,000!

Team Building at the Office

Corporate team-building ideas for the office are a lot more organic than deliberate activities during meetings, but these can also be a lot of fun! Here are three ways to give your team something fun to talk about at the water cooler during their next break:

4. Ongoing Game

Set up a chess or checkers game in the break room and divide the office into two teams. Each person gets to make one move per day for their team until someone wins! This simple team-building activity is perfect for bringing out your employees’ more competitive natures. 

5. Spontaneous Nerf Gun Fight

Surprise your coworkers in the middle of a work day by doling out your collection of nerf guns and going to town on each other for a half hour! Just make sure you get this approved by the higher-ups first, and cross-reference calendars to avoid interrupting an important meeting.

6. Quote Board

This one isn’t so much an activity, but it can be really fun for team building! Just tape a large piece of butcher paper on the wall in the break room or a heavily trafficked area of the office and write “Quote Board” on the top. Any time someone says something funny, especially when taken out of context, their coworkers add it to the Quote Board!

Team Building Ideas for Corporate Events

Whether you host them monthly or quarterly, employee appreciation events are perfect opportunities for team building! Here are a few event ideas that naturally foster relationships and team building:

7. Casino Night

Here at Fun Services, we love a good theme night! And casino nights are just the setting for mixing a few vintage cocktails and getting dressed up for a fancy team appreciation event! To make planning even easier, Fun Services has all your casino games covered, including dealers!

8. Trivia Night

If you have a somewhat large team to bring together, break everyone into smaller groups and have a trivia night! Throw in some prizes for the winning team to make it even better. You might be surprised to find out who on your staff has the most random knowledge!

9. Mini Carnival

You know what most adults really miss? The lighthearted fun of being a kid! And what better way to bring the magic of childhood fun to your team than with an entire carnival??

A whole carnival might be a bit excessive, especially if your team is on the smaller side. The beauty of Fun Services is that we have carnival-esque rentals that can work for events of any size! Even if all you do is rent a few carnival games to put up around the office for your annual holiday party, this can bring a lot of youthful fun to a team that just wants to get out of the office for a bit and let loose!

Virtual (or Hybrid) Corporate Team Building Ideas

Videoconference meetings are a reality of the world today, but that doesn’t mean your remote team shouldn’t take the time to bond and connect with one another!

10. Game Night!

The fun doesn’t have to stop when you log out for the day! Invite your virtual team to a monthly virtual game night where you can all just enjoy each other’s company. A few classic games you can easily play over Zoom include:

  • Pictionary
  • Charades
  • Jeopardy
  • 20 Questions
  • Speed Scavenger Hunts

11. Yoga or Team Fitness Break

Taking a break during the workday to stretch or get your heart rate pumping is great for reenergizing and boosting productivity, and it’s also more fun to do it together! Invite your team to join you at a specific time each day or week for a little zen fitness break.

Get Your Team Ready for an Extra FUN Year!

2023 is shaping up to be a good one, in our opinion, and working some of these corporate team-building ideas into your weekly routines around the office or special events can make it even more exciting! Give Fun Services a call to book amazing rentals.