GIANT Shark Slide

Did I tell you about the one that got away? Billy Bob got more than he bargained for while fishing on Lake Quivira last week. It seems that a rogue 50’ Great White shark had worked its way up from the gulf through the river system and had Billy Bob’s boat for breakfast. Blly managed to get this photo of the Big Monster as it breached out of the ocean devouring Billy’s new fishing boat and motor. As to what happened to ole’ Billy Bob, we just don’t know. This is not a wet slide, must be used as a dry slide.

THE LARGEST INFLATABLE SLIDE IN THE REGION! (Must be placed on grass – stakes used for safe and secure setup)

Download Info

Space Required: 27’x43’x33′
People Per Hour: 240+
Power Required: 3 – 110volt, 20 amp circuits

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